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October Q and A
Hey Fans, ever had something you have always wanted to ask me? Well here is your chance! Scroll down to the bottom of the page to submit your question to me, and each month I will randomly select and answer 5 questions! Below are this month's questions and answers.....
Hey Brooksy!:) I am a die hard Caps fan from the Czech Republic and I would like to ask you - have you ever been to the Czech Republic?:) thank you!) Míša
Unforutnately I have never been, but would love to go!! I have played with lots of Czech guys throughout my career, and have had a fantastic time with all of them. One day I will visit the Czech Republic, and will stop in and say hi to a few old teammates, most notably Tomas Mojzis, and Tomas Fleischmann - 2 awesome guys that I am still great friends with even though we no longer play together. Our current Capitals goaltender Michal Neuvirth is from there too, and I will have to visit him and make him buy me supper or something for all the shots I block for him hahah.......!
Hey Brooks! We are a group of field hockey players from Argentina! Our question is: how do you manage the pressure of the media during the playoffs? Is that an extra motivation before the games? The need to prove something ... Wish you the best of luck next season! We have a lot of respect for you. Ice hockey is not a popular sport in our country but we follow every game thanks to the internet haha. We love you! Mari
I am not a guy that is really concerned about what the media or others say or write. What they do is out my control so I don't let any of it affect me. I stick to what I can control, and that is my effort and performance on the ice. The pressure from the man in the mirror is and always will be greater than any pressure the media can (try and) put on me.
Hey Brooks, My name is Brooks too! I was wondering if it gets old always signing you autograph or if you don't care? Brooks Christian
Great name buddy! And signing autographs comes with the territory of being a professional athlete. I enjoy it, for the simple reason that it usually puts a big smile on someone's face. I really don't mind signing autographs as long as it's for someone who genuinely wants it, and not someone who is just going to try and sell the signed item to put a few bucks in their pocket. I am a big collector of signed memorabilia, so I can appreciate an autograph as much as anyone else. It really is a cool hobby, I have stuff signed by Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Slash, Ted Williams, Cal Ripken Jr., Evel Knievel, and many more - and I think it's just the coolest thing ever when I get a new piece to add to my collection. So if someone wants me to be part of their collection, I am humbled and honored to help.....
Hey Brooks, If you had to choose a favorite athlete, who would it be?
I don't know, that's a hard one. Michael Jordan is a name that comes to mind, because he was just a winner through and through. Bigger the game the better he played. I was a big fan of Cal Ripken Jr., I have so much respect for a man that consistent! Muhammad Ali had an incredible and unwavering self belief....i don't know if I have one that I favor more than all the rest though......
Do you ever come back to the Seattle area? Allan Revel
Unfortunately I have not been back to Seattle since I finished my junior career there. But I would love to return one day for sure, and it's exciting to see that the city is building a new arena that could one day be home to an NHL team - I think there is a great hockey market in that area and an NHL team be a big hit! Still have great memories from Seattle, great city, great people, I will be back one day for sure.......
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