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Hi, I'm Brooks Laich! I'm a retired 13-year veteran of the National Hockey League, having played for the Ottawa Senators, Washington Capitals, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Los Angeles Kings. Throughout my career I was known as a revered leader, and highly regarded as a consummate professional with an intense passion for hockey, and for winning. I believe my fierce competitive drive and leadership qualities, coupled with my dedication to physical fitness, proved to be key components to my longevity and success as a professional athlete. Forever a student of the game, I worked tirelessly to refine and master my talents, believing that excellence is a journey, not a destination.

I also had the incredible honour of representing my country of Canada twice in international competition. I played for the Canadian National Men's Junior Hockey Team, and the Canadian National Men's Hockey Team in World Championship tournaments - and to date I consider these to be two of my greatest personal achievements, and extreme honours in my life.

Now retired from professional hockey, I have become an avid adventurer! I spend my time exploring the world, seeking thrills, challenges, and excitement everywhere I go. I view the world as a gigantic playground, and plan on exploring every inch of it. In my own words, I love “doing awesome things with awesome people!"

I am also very passionate about self development and personal growth. I am constantly following my curiosities, seeking knowledge and insight; always with the intention of impacting and serving humanity. I follow my instincts, chase my truths, and am relentless in my pursuit of happiness!

I hope my journey can inspire and serve yours,

Much love,

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